Using Gif Lingua Books

Using Gif Lingua is easy but takes a little learning to best use the site. Follow these tips and you’ll be set and flying in no time! See all our video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

1. Selecting Books

* Go to the main page (Find A Book) and select the book you want. Use the category menu to find books by CEFR Level and Category. Or search for books in different languages.
* Search for books by entering search terms. You can even search for books by an author you like!
* You will see the author’s name, the rating and the number of pages the book contains.
* Click on the book and it will open to the title page.

2. Reading Books

The books are easy to read.

* Select the back or next buttons to navigate through books.
* The book will have voice unless you turn it off with the settings menu on each book home page.
* Return to the book’s homepage by clicking “Home”.
* Replay the text audio by selecting “Replay”.

3. Reading Settings

There are 4 settings you can change:  Speech, Colors, Text, Download

*Speech – turn the voice on (default) or off. Change the type of voice you hear.

*Colors – set the color of the background and text.

*Text – Show (default) or hide the text. Useful for review, quizzes etc..

*Download –  Download PDF worksheet sets and the book as a PPT or ePUB (for registered teachers)

4. Studying

Each Gif Lingua Book auto generates a quizlet study set.  Click “Study” in the settings menu to play games, compete with others, generate tests etc…  Teachers can go to the set and download a pdf quiz for the book to use in class!

We’ll be building much more functionality to the site including:

*profile pages, reading points system, LMS for teachers to assign books, track students

Visit our feedback forum to ask a question.

Teachers can also write books!

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